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Americas Property Awards Winner 2017-2018

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Solaz Los Cabos

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New Hotel Construction & Design Winner 2017-2018

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Prepare yourself to experience a beautiful and enigmatic place. Prepare for Solaz Los Cabos.

Nowadays people are increasingly defined by work and stress, which is why a hideaway from this hectic lifestyle is crucial. Solaz Los Cabos provides exactly that, a nature-inspired refuge that is meant to bring balance, harmony and freedom to those who step inside.

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What Solaz Los Cabos offers

Solaz promises the unbelievable sights and experiences of the heavenly coasts of Los Cabos, and an exclusive lifestyle that will keep our guests coming back for more.

What is Solaz

Solaz is a vacation ownership complex that is situated in a privileged location, standing at the junction of Baja California Sur's golden semidesert landscape and the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez.

What makes Solaz Los Cabos unique

The unique surroundings, as well as the available amenities, ensure our guests' comfort and enjoyment.

Creating the ultimate hideaway.

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The Ownership — Be a part of our journey.

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